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Functions Of A Gearbox

A gearbox is that component of your vehicle responsible for transmitting the power generated by the engine to the wheels. It helps the engine to generate power efficiently in different driving conditions by changing the gear ratio between the engine and wheels.

Some basic functions of a gearbox are:

Gear Reduction

One of the primary functions of the gearbox of your car is to increase the torque of your engine all while reducing the rotational speed for more usable power output.

Multiple Gear Ratios

Gearboxes come equipped with several gears for you to select the most efficient ratio as per your required power. For instance, low gear ratios are used for slower speeds and higher torque and more gears ensure higher speed.

Forward and Reverse

You can adjust the gears in your car to redirect the flow of power effectively making your car go backwards or front.

Symptoms Of A Damaged Gearbox

Book our gearbox repair Holmes Chapel from our homepage, if you notice the following signs while driving:

  • Unusual sounds such as grinding or clunking while shifting gears
  • Gear slipping
  • Difficulty in smooth shifting of gears
  • Burnt odour while frequent gear changes
  • Excessive vibrations during gear shifts
  • Compromised acceleration even at higher gears
  • Difficulty in changing the gear from a neutral position

Although car experts recommend checking gearboxes every 5 to 7 years, some causes of premature gearbox damages that lead to the above-mentioned symptoms are:

  • Insufficient or Contaminated Transmission Fluid
  • Excesssive Overheating due to Cooling System Malfunction
  • Poor Driving Conditions/ Habits
  • Worn-out or Damaged Clutches
  • Malfunctions in Electronic Control Units or Sensors

To book our car gearbox repairs service Holmes Chapel, enter your registration number under the “car services” option on our homepage and select “gearbox repair service" from our service catalogue.

Our Gearbox Repair Procedure

As the best-reviewed gearbox specialists Holmes Chapel, we conduct our repair services through certain procedures like:

Diagnosis and Inspection

Our gearbox repair service starts by identifying the damages with the help of state-of-the-art equipment and error codes in the ECU.

Transmission Removal and Disassembly

After identifying the damages, we remove the entire gearbox from your car to get access to all the internal components like the gears, clutches, bearings, etc.

Component Replacement and Reassembly

We replace the old and damaged components with original OE-grade spare parts for reliability and efficiency. Our mechanics clean all the components of your gearbox and reassemble it as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Testing and Quality Control

Finally, we conduct thorough tests and inspections to determine that the newly reassembled gearbox is in perfect condition

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